Hey, nice to be here again!

When I devel­oped this blog, my aim was to focus on writ­ing and shar­ing my writ­ings. Finally, this year is now the exact time to imple­ment this intention.

I always believe that sum­mer­ time promises growth, renew­ing and recov­ery.. I’ll try per­form­ing my life for dis­cov­er­ing new names, music tunes and movies to tell you their sto­ries with this motivation.

Sto­ry­telling has become the inevitable result of my trav­els, so my Insta­gram pro­file invites you if you’d like to join me!

Ego­is­tOkur is my favorite writ­ing plat­form which has pub­lished my arti­cles. I kindly thank to Güle­nay Börekçi for her edi­to­r­ial touches on my inter­views. Most of the time, a cup of cof­fee or tea is enough to write for me and Güle­nay is my reli­able trustee when I click on the ‘send’ but­ton of my computer.

Enjoy your sunny April ;))

Sinem Dinçer



  • The World is “still” Small ;))


Sinem’s music blog DÜNYA KÜÇÜK  sends spe­cial thanks to music writer Fatih Erkan for his sup­port dur­ing 2013.

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Lat­est video “Gün Doğaçla­ması”  is avail­able on videos page. (watch here)


  • “Some­thing to Read” sec­tion updated!

Lat­est inter­views for Ego­is­tOkur, with musi­cian Lata Gou­veia & three young entre­pre­neurs of FrameBy in Turkish




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