Hey, nice to be here again!

When I started to devel­op this blog, my aim was to focus on writ­ing and shar­ing my writings. Finally, it is now the exact time to imple­ment this intention.

I always believe that each moment of life­ promises growth, renewing and recovery. I’ll try performing my work for dis­cov­er­ing new names, music tunes and movies to tell you their sto­ries with this motivation.

Sto­ry­telling has become the inevitable result of my trav­els, so my Instagram pro­file invites you if you’d like to join me!

Ego­is­tOkur & Fil’m Hafızası are still my favorite writ­ing plat­forms which have pub­lished my arti­cles & interviews before. I kindly thank to Egoist Okur and the team of Fil’m Hafızası for all kind of edi­to­r­ial comments, ideas that we discuss. Most of the time, a cup of cof­fee or tea is enough to write for me and they are my reliable trustees when I click on the ‘send’ but­ton of my computer.

… by the way, the world is still small. My music page Dünya Küçük sends special thanks to music writer Fatih Erkan for his support to my blog, during 2013.

2017 comes with new surprises, keep following the news via Facebook … also find some music which are my favorite on Spotify.

Enjoy your days!







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