Film Works

  • Rüzgarlar (Feature Film – 2013)

Director Selim Evci has completed shooting of his second feature WINDS, in 2010. The shooting locations were Imbros Island and Istanbul, Sinem was the sound recording assistant of the movie.


  • Gün Doğaçlaması (İzmir, 2012)

An improvisation…

  • “INSULAE” Enzo Favata & Mario Crispi (2012)

Enzo Favata and Mario Crispi told their stories with “Insulae” from their islands: Sardinia and Sicily. The shootings of their first concert have been realized by Cinzia Garofalo, in Italy. While the duo were rehearsing for the very first gig of their debut album; simultaneously, Sinem Dinçer filmed her historical peninsula, in Istanbul that she’s living in, following the melody of “Insulae”: the composition that has given the album its name.

And finally, you would like to know what ‘Insulae’ means? It’s Latin and means ‘Islands’.


  • Video of “BİLGİ CAMMA” (2010)

Master of Arts in Cultural Management is one of the graduate programs of İstanbul Bilgi University. This programs new video was taken by the students of this department with the collaboration of Claude Pauly from Luxembourg (music) and edited by Sinan Muter.

  • “Al Sana Metin Ver Bana Görüntü” – Multimedia Performance

“Will Swap Text For Image”

“Al Sana Metin Ver Bana Görüntü” was a Media Performance project of Garaj İstanbul for the TEMPS D’IMAGES (görüntü zamanı) festival. Sinem Dinçer was one of the attenders joined to this project with her own photos. This collective production project made its first demonstration in 9 June 2009, at Garaj İstanbul.

“Al Sana Metin Ver Bana Görüntü” (watch here)


  • “Dünya” – Short Film

In June of 2009, short film “The World (Dünya)” was directed by Muzaffer Mehmet Çağlar and Sinem Dinçer worked as director asistant for this project.

  • “Karşılaşma” – Short Film

2006, The short film called “Karşılaşma” was taken in the Akbank Art Center, Short Film Workshop of Selim Evci by the students.

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